Becoming a Member


The Process

To become a member at Woodlands is a relatively straight forward process. 

To join our club, a proposer and seconder are generally required, as well as two referees – one of whom must also be a member at Woodlands.

However, if a candidate does not know a Woodlands Member, please contact the General Manager, who will endeavour to facilitate the application accordingly.

Apart from your annual subscription fee, an entrance fee on joining is also applicable.  Please contact the club for the latest Membership Schedule of Fees.

Following receipt of the application forms, the club posts all prospective names for member comment and feedback for a minimum of 14 days.  After this period of review, the Board makes the final decision on the acceptance or otherwise of all applications.

For successful applicants, you will receive a Welcome pack with more details on the club, as well as a membership tag.  You will also be invited to attend a New Members night, where you’ll meet the Board and other key staff, whilst gaining information on how to maximise your membership at Woodlands.

Membership: Waiting Periods

To ensure all members, both new and existing, get to enjoy our course, our member intakes are subject to field sizes and vacancies within the respective categories.  This is monitored regularly as our aim is to get you out on the course as soon as possible.  Further enquiries should be directed to the Membership Administrator or your proposer.

For more information, or to complete the Membership Application forms, please click on the links below or complete the enquiry form below:

Application for Membership 2024 – 2025