Membership Categories (2021-2022)


Category Subs # Playing rights
7 Day
Seven days
6 Day
Six days – excluding Saturday
Member  (30-34) $3,396.00* Seven days
Member (25-29)
Seven days
Member (21-24)
Seven days
Member (18-20)
Seven days
Junior (under 18yrs)
Seven days
Sub-Junior Member (under 18yrs)
May use the practice facilities and are permitted to play the course after 3:30pm. Cannot play in club competitions or invite guests to play with them on the course.
Long Distance Members
Seven days – Normal place of residence must be at least 125km by radius from the Club
Limited Playing Members

Limited Playing Member Rights

No golfing rights.  Usage of Clubhouse facilities 7 days a week
Contact Office for pricing.*
Seven days – Available to persons temporarily residing in Melbourne for a period up to 2 years
May not be an Australian resident
Corporate  Contact Office for pricing.* Playing and Non-Playing categories available. Please contact the Club to enquire about the various options.

# – GST included

* – Not included are annual charges such as Golf Australia affiliation fee and insurance or ancillary charges such as lockers, bag and buggy storage

Membership Subscriptions and Entrance Fee Table 2021 – 2022

Application for Membership 2021 – 2022

Please contact the Club on 9580 3455 for all enquiries