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archive-default 26th September 2018

Girls Golf Party

Girls’ Golf Party Eight girls, aged 8 to 15, gathered together on Tuesday, 25th to participate in the first Woodlands Golf Par-Tee for girls. Arriving at 9.30 the girls met… Read More

11th September 2018

Coaching at Woodlands

In Need of a Golf Lesson? Our coaching team lead by Steve Horstmann now all have access to the most up to date ball tracker technology, giving them another level… Read More

11th September 2018

Woodlands Women’s Charity Day 2018

“I have great pleasure in announcing that this year we have raised approx $18,000 at our annual Charity/Open Day, and our Committee would really like to congratulate and thank all our Woodlands members… Read More

22nd August 2018

Do You Have Your Head In The Sand?

Rule 27 – Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Provisional Ball Part 3 – Other Lost Ball Questions Q: A playing partner or opponent found a ball in a really… Read More

2nd July 2018

Do You Have Your Head In The Sand?

Rule 27-1a Proceeding Under Stroke and Distance Most would be aware of the “Mickleson incident” from the 3rd round of the US Open. In short, on the 13th hole of… Read More

19th June 2018

Junior Holiday Golf Program July 2018

Woodlands junior development holiday program is the perfect way to introduce your child into golf and for the more experienced junior golfer it enables them to further develop their skills. If… Read More

4th June 2018

Do You Have Your Head In The Sand?

Rule 27 – Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Provisional Ball Part 2 – Provisional Ball Another common misconception is how provisional balls work. If you wish to play a… Read More

25th January 2018

Inaugural Woodlands Victorian Girls Six Hole Challenge

Congratulation to the twenty two girls who entered this years inaugural Victorian Girls Six Hole Challenge, proudly presented by Woodlands Golf Club. A fun new format designed to expose middle to… Read More

25th January 2018

Upcoming Women's Clinics in 2018

A New Year and a new chance to give your golf game a little tune up. These clinics are designed for beginner and intermediate female golfers, while the weather is… Read More

11th December 2017

Woodlands Wins Junior Pennant for first time in Clubs history

Congratulations to the Woodlands Junior Pennant Team who won the Junior Pennant for the first time in the Clubs history. It is a long road to the finals with 45… Read More