Men’s & Women’s Pennant

Friday Women’s Pennant WIN the Division 3 Final (Team Manager: Deb Redford)

The last round of the regular season was a must win, sitting on the top of the ladder a loss to Keysborough would have pushed Woodlands to 3rd place and out of the finals.  With that in the backs of their mind the team pulled together to secured a crucial win over Keysborough at Centenary Park to finish on top of the ladder and earn a spot in the Division 3 Final. 

Woodlands contested the final against Centenary Park at Yarra Yarra Golf Club.  The players selected were (in order) Nadine Martin, Melinda Thomas, Kay Mahlook, Kerri Young, Jen Ashman, Sonya Schuermann, Monica Itschert and Tricia McCormack (Emergency). Earlier in the season, Centenary Park had defeated us 5-2 at Yering Meadows.  For the final, Centenary Park chose to reshuffle the order of their players.  Our Match Committee selected an unchanged line-up for the final. Melinda and Sonya won their matches easily giving us an early 2 match lead.  Subsequent losses to Nadine, Jen and Kerri meant Centenary Park were now ahead 3-2. This meant Monica and Kay needed to win their matches for Woodlands to win the Flag.  As Monica had reached the 18th green, there was now a considerable gallery watching on. Needing only to halve the hole, she did so holing out with a 9.  Collectively, we felt fortunate that this victory was now sitting on Kay’s experienced shoulders.  Coming up the 18th 1 up, Kay didn’t disappoint.  She hit a magnificent approach shot to the green leaving an uphill putt for birdie.  Her opponent unable to match the shot finished in the green side bunker. When it was Kay’s turn to putt she rolled it up close to the hole, her playing partner conceded the following putt and the hole for Kay win 2up and secure the match for Woodlands.  It was a thrilling finish to a very closely fought match that was played in great sporting spirit.  Congratulations to all the team members and management on winning the Division 3 final of Friday Women’s Pennant.  The last time a Woodlands Women’s Pennant team won a flag was in 2010 when they won the Division 2 flag.


Player Results
Won Lost
1 Bridget Hill 1 0
2 Jan Criswick 1 0
3 Jen Ashman 3 3
4 Jocelyn Curtis 0 2
5 Kay Mahlook 5 2
6 Kerri Young 4 4
7 Laura Cummings 1 0
8 Lyn Merrick 0 3
9 Melinda Thomas 7 1
10 Monica Itschert 6 0
11 Nadine Martin 2 4
12 Sonya Schuermann 4 2
13 Tamara Singham 0 1
14 Tricia McCormack 0 0
Final Ladder Matches:Won-Lost-Score
1 Woodlands 5 2 30 – 19
2 Centenary Park 5 2 27 – 22
3 Keysborough 4 3 25 – 24
4 The Heritage 4 3 25 – 24
5 Riversdale 3 4 26 – 23
6 Latrobe 3 4 24 – 25
7 Yering Meadows 3 4 23 – 26
8 Eastern 1 6 16 – 33

Women’s Pennant Season Wrap Up

Women’s Pennant team finished 4th on the ladder with 4 wins and 3 losses (30-19 match points).

Friday Women’s Pennant team finished on top of the ladder with 5 wins and 2 losses (30-19 match points) in the regular season and topped it off by defeating Centenary Park 4-3 in the final to win the flag.

Both teams performed consistently throughout the season which began with training on Sunday mornings in early January.  This season, the Match Committee opted for a squad of 18 players and 4 reserve squad members based on the availability of players.  From the commencement of practice to the end of the season, all players gave their full commitment to Pennant and represented their club with pride. 26 women members caddied throughout the season.  This was made up of a mixture of Pennant players, Reserve squad members, Women’s Committee and members.  The players were never without a caddie during the season.

I would like to acknowledge Nadine Martin who travelled from Lakes Entrance nearly every week to be a part of the Pennant team.  Nadine always arrives with a smile and gives her best effort. We are very fortunate to such dedicated club members.  The players, caddies and Match Committee have all contributed to this very enjoyable and successful season of Pennant.  Thanks to Ethan Cowden for his help in organising the Pennant uniforms and Steve Horstmann and Catherine Odgers for conducting several training sessions during the practice program.  

Special thanks to the Women’s Committee and the Woodlands members who came along to follow the matches and give their support to the team. 

Women’s Pennant – Division 2 (Team Manager: Jen Ashman)

Although missing out on the contending in the Final, they were only 1 win and 5 match points from finishing 2nd on the ladder.  Unfortunately, we were not able to field our strongest team against the two top teams early in the season with Bridget Hill and Angela Dunn both missing matches. After their return, the team won 3 out of its 4 remaining matches, including an emphatic 7-0 win against Spring Valley at Woodlands. 

Captained by Angela Dunn, the team was represented by 10 players over the 7 weeks.  Most team members were available each week resulting in stability in the team selection.  This meant players could settle into their position in the team with evenness at both ends providing flexibility to rotate players without disrupting team balance.


Final Regular Season Results for Pennant 2018 

Friday Women’s Pennant

Round 7: Woodlands Defeated Keysborough GC 5/2 at Centenary Park GC

Congratulations to Woodlands Women’s Friday Pennant Team who finished the season in first place with 5 wins and 2 losses, there by guaranteeing themselves promotion to Division 2 in 2019. They will now play Centenary Park in the Final at Yarra Yarra Golf Club this Friday the 11th from 8am. Please head down and show your support for our only team that made the finals this year. They will be very excited to have some home grown support as they go for their first flag in this division.  To view details of the season please click HERE.

Team Results: WGC Won 5/2
Nadine Martin Won 6/5
Melinda Thomas Won 1 up
Kay Mahlook Won 4/3
Kerri Young Lost 2/2
Jen Ashman Won 1 up
Sonya Schuermann Lost 19th
Monica Itschert Won 3/2

Detailed Results

Ladder after Rd 7 Total-Won-Tied-Lost-Score
1 Woodlands 7 5 0 2 30 – 19
2 Centenary Park 7 5 0 2 27 – 22
3 Keysborough  7 4 0 3 25 – 24
4 The Heritage 7 4 0 3 25 – 24
5 Riversdale  7 3 0 4 26 – 23
6 Latrobe  7 3 0 4 24 – 25
7 Yering Meadows  7 3 0 4 23 – 26
8 Eastern  7 1 0 6 16 – 33

L to R – Mike Smith Asst. Mngr., Tyler Bleasby, Stuart Tennison, Jarrod Fisher, Thomas Molinaro, Bradley Grandin, Alvin Hiew, Gary Powerlett (Manager)

Colt’s Pennant 

Round 7: Woodlands Lost to Metropolitan 1.5/3.5 at Commonwealth GC

The weather gods were onside again and delivered another lovely autumn morning for the final round of Colts Pennant golf at Commonwealth. Woodlands were sitting a game clear in second place with a game in hand and the order of the day was a win or at worst a half to secure a place in the Colts Final next week. The top of the order was very tight with both Royal Melbourne (3rd) and Metro (4th) snapping at our heels and both with an opportunity to play the final if Woodlands was beaten.

Once again lady luck was absent after we were advised on Saturday that Tyler Bleasby who had played in the seniors last week and was due to return to the Colts had injured his back and was unavailable. So the selection for the day was easy and the heroes from last week took centre stage again but with some fine tuning to the order.

From the 10th tee, Ben Smith started at 5 and had a very close match and managed to get in front until the last 5 holes where Ben‘s opponent hit a purple patch and won 4 holes in a row to cancel out Bens lead and steal the match on the last hole 1 up.

Thomas Molinaro started at 4 and once again the match was very much a see saw affair with only a hole in it each way. Thomas continued his steady form of the last few weeks and held on for a halved match on the 18th.

Jarrod Fisher at 3 had a disastrous start with 3 putts on each of the first 2 greens to be 2 down after 2, but as has been his style for the season he fought back at the next hole after a great drive and superb 5 iron to 15 feet to win the hole. There was some confusion on the 13th tee ( which if you know Commonwealth, also has the 8th tee close by) as Jarrod, having been given instructions by his caddie, who went to the undergrowth to see a man about a dog! and returned to find Jarrod had driven his ball down the adjacent 8th fairway. Some Jarrod magic with a shot over the trees, a 95m bunker shot and 2 putts for a 5 and a half seemed fairly straightforward!
Jarrod slipped back to 4 down after 8 but steadied the ship by winning 18, 1, 3 and the 4th to be back to square. The match was decided on the short par 3, 9th where an accurate tee shot and a great first putt to a couple of inches sealed the win and a great turnaround result of 1 up.

Stuart Tennison played at 2 after his good work last week but came up against a tough opponent who broke away in the second nine to record a 5 and 4 win.

Tom Catoggio took on the duties of playing at number 1 and came up against Zach O’colllins who has played in the metro senior team. This was a very close match with only a hole in it all day and as always in Pennant the result of the match came down to the boys being all square with 1 to play….once again the tough short par 3,9th would demand the best of the players for a result. Both players hit the green with their t-shots but Tom left his first putt shorter than he wanted while Zach rolled the ball to a couple of inches. Toms second putt brushed the hole but stayed out providing Metro with a 1 up win and a chance to play in the final if results of other matches went their way. Unfortunately, they didn’t as Royal Melbourne won 4-1 to jump metro on the ladder by 1 game and so the final next week will be the undefeated Commonwealth against Royal Melbourne.

At the start of the season we had 3 objectives for the Colts:

1) Stay in Division 1
2) Get ourselves in a position to play in the final
3) Win a Pennant for Woodlands

I am very pleased to say we clearly achieved 2 of our 3 objectives and given the limited depth of the squad, the loss of players on various days to injury, unavailability, and promotion to the seniors, the boys have done a fantastic job and played some very high-quality golf against very tough opposition. Although are disappointed we have missed the final we have a great foundation for the 2019 season this is the experience the boys need to fully appreciate how tough and close Division 1 pennant is and they will be all the better for it either in the Colts again or for the Seniors in the years ahead.

As this was our final match I would like to take the opportunity to thank our resident supporters in Jim Dowling and Roy Bravo they didn’t miss a match all year and their attendance in all weathers is well appreciated by the players. In addition we had a number of other supporters today so thanks to Greg Morris, Graeme Grant, Michael Harvey and Farhad Dubash. I have also been advised that I erred in not naming a visitor last week who attended and supported enthusiastically, so many thanks to Wayne Green. He was unavailable to attend today due to a football match involving his beloved Collingwood, so he will be doubly disappointed and as a Richmond supporter that is only fair!

To our caddies, Michael Smith, Lorenzo ( Loz) Catoggio, Graeme ( for Stuart Tennsion) and Thomas Molinaro’s assistant who disappeared, your support of the players is much appreciated by them and by the team mangers.

To Commonwealth, many thanks for a course in great condition and lunch of roast beef and roast vegetables you couldn’t jump over.

Thank you to the Woodlands Golf Club for the support of uniforms, balls and practice facilities and finally to Gary Powerlett for managing the team, doing all the paperwork and herding the cats each week. The texting was enormous but proved a great success.

This is a wonderful competition for our members be it Senior Men, the Colts or the Friday or Sunday ladies. It is challenging, exciting to watch and more than competitive plus the experience to get around and play the very best courses in Melbourne. Here’s to next season and another crack at a flag.

Mike Smith

Team Results: WGC Lost 1.5/3.5
1 CATOGGIO, Tom Lost 1dn
2 TENNISON, Stuart Lost 5/4
3 FISHER, Jarrad Won 1up
4 MOLINARO, Thomas Halved
5 SMITH, Benjamin Lost 1dn

Detailed Results

Ladder after Rnd 7 Total-Won-Tied-Lost-Score
1 Commonwealth  7 7 0 0    27 – 8 
2 Royal Melbourne 7 4 0 3    20 – 15 
3 Metropolitan 7 4 0 3    19 – 16
4 Woodlands 7 4 0 3 17.5 – 17.5
5 Victoria 7 3 1 3    17 – 18
6 Kingston Heath 7 3 0 4 14.5 – 20.5
7 Huntingdale 7 2 1 4 17.5 – 17.5
8 Peninsula-Kingswood 7 0 0 7   7.5 – 27.5

Men’s Pennant 

Round 7: Woodlands Defeated Heildelberg 4/3 at Woodlands

Our Men’s team managed to finish the season with a win at home, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to avoid relegation for next year. It was a tough year for the team after getting off to a bad start to the season, but they fought valiantly to have a chance to stay in diversion 2 if some other teams results had been more favourable. 

Team Results: WGC Won 4/3
3 MCKINNON, Scott Lost 2/1
4 POPE, Taylor Won 5/3
5 TUCKER, Kerrod Won 4/3
6 STAFRACE, Darren Lost 20th
7 ALLAN, Greg Lost 1dn

Detailed Results

Ladder after Rnd 7 Total-Won-Tied-Lost-Score
1 Huntingdale 7 6 0 1 32 – 17
2 Yarra Yarra 7 5 0 2 32 – 17
3 Rosanna 7 5 0 2 24 – 25
4 Sanctuary Lakes 7 4 0 3 27 – 22
5 Peninsula-Kingswood 7 3 0 4 23 – 26
6 Heidelberg 7 2 0 5 22 – 27
7 Woodlands 7 2 0 5 18 – 31
8 Rossdale 7 1 0 6 18 – 31

Women’s Pennant 

Round 5: Woodlands defeated Sandhurst 5/2 at Royal Melbourne GC

Congratulations to the Women’s team who finished off the season with a strong win. It was a dead rubber for the team as they were unable to go up or down, but it always nice to finish the season with a win. 

Team Results: WGC Won 5/2 
1 Tamara Singham Lost 3/1
2 Bridget Hill Won 6/5 
3 Kate Caridakis Won 2/1 
4 Angela Dunn Won 5/4 
5 Kerry Arthurs Won 5/4 
6 Jan Criswick Won 5/4 
7 Kathy Smith Lost 2 down

Detailed Results

Ladder after Rnd 7 Total-Won-Tied-Lost-Score
1 Royal Melbourne 7 6 0 1 34 – 15
2 Yarra Yarra 7 5 0 2 34 – 15
3 Spring Valley 7 5 0 2 23 – 26
4 Woodlands 7 4 0 3 30 – 19
5 Kew 7 4 0 3 27 – 22
6 Peninsula-Kingswood 7 2 0 5 21 – 28
7 Green Acres 7 1 0 6 14 – 35
8 Sandhurst 7 1 0 6 13 – 36