Women’s Friday Pennant @ Box Hill

Today our team played at Box Hill against Spring Valley.

The weather was a lot kinder than Sunday but unfortunately, we went down 4-3.

Our three winners were Kay Mahlook 2&1, Mel Thomas 7&5 and Jocelyn Curtis 4&3.

Caroline Hayes fought it out to the 18th to try and halve it but sadly finished 2 down.

Kerri Young, Vicky Davey and Sharon Hobbs all battled hard as Woodies do but succumbed to their opponents.

It was lovely to see Andrea Scammell, Linda Hayes and Gary Powlett make the trip to follow and support our team. Really appreciated.

Thank you once again to all our wonderful caddies.

After today we have slipped to third but hopefully come home with a big finish at Riversdale against Kew next week on the 10th tee at 8.00am.

Published on 19th April 2021 in Guests News, Members News

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