Junior Pennant

Last week, our teams played their final matches of the 2019 Junior Pennant season – congratulations to all involved in what was a great season for Woodlands! The final week’s results were as follows:

Team 1

Team 1 played another close match that resulted in a draw against Yarra Yarra. This saw them finish 3rd on the ladder – a few shots less at the right time during the season might have seen a top-of-the-ladder finish. Individual results were as follows:

Ben lost 1 down

Patrick won 1 up

Aaron lost 1 down

Ethan won 3/2

Matt lost 3/2

Max won 4/3




Team 2

In a match that was closer than the score implies, Team 2 finished their season with a 5/1 loss to Rosanna, resulting in them being 4th on the ladder overall. Given that we only had five players, the individual games were all very close, and the golf course played was new to all, this round in particular provided a great, challenging experience for our players. Individual results from the weekend were as follows:

Adam won 3/2

Sam lost 3/1

Blake lost 3/2

Luke lost 1 down

Angus lost 3/2


2019 wrap up

The season goes by quickly but the preparation that goes into it makes it significantly longer. Our first training session/practice matches were held the first weekend of August and ran successfully through to November. We had 13 training sessions in total, with a great turn out for every session (even on the wet/windy/cold days). Despite the wide range of ages and stages of development of our players (9 to 18 years old, 0 to 45 handicap, starting-level junior to advanced junior), they mixed well and have become good friends. Having fun with friends whilst playing and improving your golf no matter the age/level is one of the key goals of junior pennant.

It was great to have a number of our junior girls coming to training and to have Charlie playing a couple matches. All going well, we hope to be able to make up an all girls’ junior pennant team in 2020. It was also great to have a handful of our more experienced, lower handicap gain more match play experience. This will prepare them for the up and coming Colts and Senior Pennant season, an important next step for these players. What was also pleasing was seeing several of our younger players take the next step in their golfing by playing their first ever junior pennant match. Some of these juniors started playing in Team 3 last year! Finally, it was really encouraging to have a great turn out week-to-week for Team 3 who focused on gaining valuable experience and confidence by playing on the course amongst other juniors.

A big thanks must go to EVERYONE involved in Junior Pennant this season. Thank you to all of the juniors who played, and for helping and supporting each other. To all of the parents/family members/friends, who drove their children to the matches and helped guide them during their rounds. We have a lot of great knowledge and experience amongst our junior parents who, not only help their own children, but also their teammates. A big thanks to the pro-shop staff Sach Cooper, Nathan Condon and Cat Hodges for their help in making things run smoothly for our home games and our Team 3 matches. Another big thanks to Sach Cooper, Paul Binyon, Andy Snelgar and Kay Mahlook for managing the teams on the day. Finally, our involvement in Junior Pennant 2019 would not have been possible without the support of the club, Board and staff who value and understand the importance of junior golf.


Junior Pennant break-up/celebration

To celebrate our season, we will host a break up match for the pennant players (and any other juniors from the club) at 4pm this Sunday 8th December. It will be a parent/guest-and-junior (two-person), 9-hole Ambrose game that will be followed by a BBQ. Please let me know if you’re interested in playing and I will book you in (at no charge for juniors or their parents/guests).


Sunday comp, handicaps and membership

Each Saturday and Sunday afternoon, there are allocated times where you can play at 3:30pm. Just book in via the Woodlands website in the ‘Bookings’ section. You can make up your own groups on the booking sheet. By playing each Sunday, your 9-hole scores can be used towards your handicap. By playing, doing regular clinics and or private lessons to improve your technique and knowledge, regularly practicing on the driving range, chipping/pitching/bunker and putting green, or playing on the course (either in a practice round or competition), you will improve your scores which will lower your handicap.  I also encourage you to organise a game with other juniors during the school holidays. If you want any group coaching sessions, I’m happy to make up a select, private group.

Remember, as junior you now receive four half-hour private lessons for FREE during the year (plus $50 off each term program). Please send me a message if and when you would like to take up any of these opportunities.

Finally for any sub-juniors who are ready or wanting to become full junior members so that they can play on the course at any time please contact the General Manager, Richard Tullberg (richard@woodlandsgolf.com.au).

President’s Cup

As most of you are aware, the President’s Cup starts next week- I highly recommend going to this great event. It provides a great opportunity to see the best players in the world and perhaps the last chance to see Tiger Woods (who some say is the best golfer/sports person in the history of golf/sport).

What might also be of interest is the Junior President’s Cup. One the USA players, Alexander Yang, was previously a member at Woodlands and was part of our junior program. Alex had regular lessons as a 7/8 year-old before his family moved to Taiwan and then to the USA. He has now become one of the best juniors in the world! We wish him luck for the event and into the future.

Thanks again to everyone for a wonderful Junior Pennant season for 2019. I look forward to seeing you at this Sunday’s break up/celebration (and if not there, I look forward seeing you at the club, around the practice area and on the course).

Published on 4th December 2019 in Club News, Guests News, Members News

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